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Climate change has been a hot issue that draws ongoing debate and frustration. I remember reading news that Bojonegoro, a regency bordering Lamongan, once experienced a 40-degree Celsius back in 2018 higher than the normal figure of 26-35 degrees Celsius. 

The head of the local Environmental Agency pointed out that an increase in the temperature has been inevitable one of which is due to the activities in the oil and gas industry. While trees decrease in number, exhaust emission from vehicles has contributed to the temperature hike. Diminishing water supply in relevant rivers has also been a key factor.

Water shortage during dry season and hot weather due to climate change

This reminds me of “pluruan” a garbage dump usually located behind the house of every villager. The mini dump belongs to local wisdom that needs revival. In most cases, two or three houses share the same dump where the households throw garbage away. The pluruan is said to accommodate massive garbage all over the village hence helping the temperature to decline. As people grow in number, the number of pluruan gets fewer and is even no longer found.

Another local wisdom in our village that helps save the planet is the practice of urup. It is giving away trash in exchange for valuable stuff. Inorganic trash including bottles, cardboard boxes, paper, and particular metals are usually weighed to measure the stuff in return we can get. The objects include spices like onion and garlic whose price may increase considerably without anticipation. 

“Thank God this handful of onion is so valuable when its price is hiking in the market,” said mom one day after trading trash with spices. 

I personally think that both pluruan and urup are local practices that are worth keeping. The form may not be precisely the same, but the spirit must be implemented to maintain the purpose of saving Planet Earth. Pluruan allows trash to be concentrated in mini dumps that prevent villagers from littering in the river like those found in Bojonegoro. With urup, local residents help with the rate of new garbage production as old trash goes recycled. More importantly, they collect instant advantage from the trade to support their family.