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There has been quite a hullabaloo lately across the country since many people spoke up in view of digital fraud in the form of binary options. They have claimed to experience loss from their investment in billions of rupiah. It is said that influencers should be held accountable for the huge loss as they have not been honest when inviting people (followers) to invest in the platform. Financial planners soon surface and offer generous advice to follow. It is indeed catastrophic when the fund is used for illogical investment instead of acquiring an apartment that generates money. 

Those people would certainly wish to have the benefit of hindsight. But there is no way to turn back the hands of time and they now have nothing but regrets. Numerous financial planners and experts alike appear on TikTok and Youtube to educate about how to make investment and where to invest.  

It's obvious that some people tend to focus on instant result when it comes to gaining profit instead of taking the process. When the so-called influencers showed off their monetary gain in a relatively short period of time, the hungry followers instantly took the steps exactly they’re told without consideration of learning the method carefully. So when their demand for immediate return was denied, mental breakdown is what occurs.

Financial planners can help us with our investment plan. (Image: pexels/karolina grabowska) 

The Javanese have the privilege to refer to “Serat Darmawasita” by KGPAA Mangkunegara IV to look for enlightenment, both spiritually and financially. Born Bendara Raden Mas Sudira, KGPAA Mangkunegara IV was then Prince Adipati Prangwedana III before coronation. KGPAA is the abbreviation for Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Arya that indicates his title of nobility when assigned to rule Mangkunegaran, a principality in Surakarta.


The eight benefits in financial planning

In this serat, Mangkunegara IV introduces eight precepts called asthagina that literally stands for astha (eight) and gina (benefit) for people who search for a true life. If you are to succeed in life, financially in particular, the eight rules should be manifested in every single way possible.

From the third to the sixth stanza of the first part named Dhandhanggula, there are several passages that encourage us to better plan our finance even without having financial planner certification. Let us observe the following. 

1. Employ reason and competence

panggaotan gêlaring pambudi | 

warna-warna sakaconggahira | 

nut ing jaman kalakone | 

Do what is possible to make a living by employing reason based on your competence. Focus on what you can do at the moment without worrying too much about what others say as there are certainly plenty of jobs we can take. We are now in the 4.0 Revolution when everything is digitized and we should therefore make use of the sophistication of the digital world.  


2. Be well-ordered

rigên ping kalihipun |

dadi pamrih marang pakolih |

Be organized to ease you to achieve what you do want. Organization makes your life orderly that you are prepared for any disruption with no confusion to exist.   

3. Value frugality

katri gêmi garapnya |

margane mrih cukup |

The third point to remember is to save money for future reserve. In the age of unpredictability and high volatility it is imperative we provide what the need for later use by being thrifty. This teaching values the concept of frugality to equip us with relevant resources in the face of mercurial challenges in the modern life.   


You can be a financial planner of your own using insight from "Serat Darmawasita".

4. Assure perusal

papat nastiti papriksa | 

iku dadi margane wêruh ing pasthi |

Scrutinize to avoid missing important details and insightful information. Do not be tempted to take the road most traveled by simply due to the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). In some extent you are encouraged to develop the joy of missing out (JOMO). Make sure you know what platform you are using for investment and comprehend accurately the very consequence of the investment you are about to make. 

5. Understand calculations

lima wêruh etung ika |

watêk adoh mring butuh saari |

It is also fundamental to understand calculations when it comes to investing money. If you don't do simple math, the investment is most likely to incur you loss without anticipation. When calculations are hard to make, you can always consult a financial planner or those knowledgeable about investment. In this sense, making calculations is said to be a way of envisioning future possibilities.   

6. Ask to gain knowledge

kaping nênêm tabêri têtanya |

ngundhakkên marang kawruhe |

In response to any important moves, including investment plan, we are to inquire in order to gain as much information as we can before making a decision. People say that a good question leads to a good decision making. With careful insight, data, and relevant statistics we can come up with a better plan especially when deciding to invest a lot of money. 


7. Control your wish

ping pitu nyêgah kayun |

pêpenginan kang tanpa kardi |

The seventh tip is to control what we desire. This will require a good skill of distinguishing between needs and wants. There may be cool items offered at a discounted price, but we don't have to purchase them simply because we think it is too affordable to skip while we actually do not need them. Every decision and purchase has to be made with reason on a scale of productivity.


8. Be determined           

ping wolu nêmên ing sêja |

watêkira sarwa glis ingkang kinapti |    

Finally, persistent determination is all you need to be a successful financial planner. Determination involves promptness to act and to complete what is mandatory. One must be determined to succeed in everything, including investment that calls for solid rumination. 

Regardless of what financial planner definition, we have come to realize that the asthagina prescribed in the "Serat Darmawasita" by KGPAA Mangkunegara IV clearly entails willingness to learn and to collaborate with other people to help us succeed in many ways.