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The path to success may be something other than an odyssey of happiness. It is always a journey that takes one to persevere through trials and life tribulations. What we perceive as one's success today is an accumulation of years of hard work and creative effort on the basis of resilience and unshaken belief.


This is the case of Mr. Khoirul Anam who has gained success both professionally and financially. He is termed a "paragon of leadership" in a currently released book as his experience in teaching and school management has been an amazing example of how one is struggling to step up the ladder which makes him one of the most distinguished school principals nationwide.  

Khoirul Anam (dressed in khaki with a black cap) during the launch of Everyday is Winning Experience

Kober, bener, pinter

The newly released Everyday is Winning Exeperience recounts Anam's uphill battle to score success against all odds. It documents his 34 years' experience as an educator which he clearly enjoys. As revealed in the book, he was born in a family where a pedagogic spirit is well nurtured making him a natural leader. His father is a modin (religious leader) in the village and his mother is a genuine Quran tutor.    

"I have never expected to go this far. But yes, I have always enjoyed teaching all my life while keeping three important messages in my mind that my mother always maintained. Kober, bener, and pinter--those are what I have always believed she instilled back then," Anam spoke briefly during the book review discussion on February 22, 2023 in Grand Mahkota Hotel, Lamongan.


The three words are Javanese that underlie his journey from as early moment as he could remember. "By kober she means the willingness to do what it takes to succeed. So one has to develop keenness to complete something to be successful," Anam further elaborated. It gets even more valid when one is a school principal who is required to devote time and energy to school management.       

Bener comes next which refers to the conformity of his life and conduct to high moral standards and ethical principles as outlined by his beliefs in cultural values and especially in religion. Being bener assumes the ability to choose the correct words and actions that he is against "the end justifies the means" misguided theory. 

He believes that how to achieve is as important as what to achieve. In this sense, to be bener would mean zero tolerance for illegal ways no matter how noble the intention is. In bener is also contained the call for providing examples for his subordinates to look up to. 

Khoirul Anam when delivering a welcome speech


When one is both kober and bener, he/she is likely to thrive on with the following trait: pinter (smart). Oftentimes decision has to be made immediately so that smart judgment is inevitable. Pinter doesn't necessarily equal the extraordinary intelligence that we find in genius people like Albert Eintsein. 

The word also suggests a creative mind, subtle imagination, clear vision, innovative strategy, responsiveness, quick adaptability as well as the ability to identify opportunities and put them to good use accordingly. Anam's personal and professional competence encompasses all of these areas.   

The pinnacle of career

These three qualities have been the main determinant of Anam's success as seen in several schools he was assigned to lead, including the coastal SMPN 1 Brondong, the previously underperforming SMPN 1 Kalitengah, and the famous SMPN 1 Lamongan that becomes his big win.   


While taking SMPN 1 Lamongan to be among the best schools across Indonesia may be the pinnacle of his career, it is obvious that Anam would never stop his pedagogical journey. Turhan Yani, the director of Unesa's Center for Research and Community Services (LPPM), confirmed, "He may administratively retire, but I'm convinced his natural proclivity for teaching will never expire."       

"He may administratively retire, but I'm convinced his natural proclivity for teaching will never expire."

This highlights Anam's immediate plan for developing an educational foundation in the village he grew up. With a friend, he is expected to contribute his time and expertise to bring the local schools into the spotlight. As clearly stated in the book, it is imperative that the current human resources in the foundation be upgraded and the curriculum be improved.

Prof. Dr. Turhan Yani (dressed in batik with a microphone) when reviewing the book)

In light of Anam's prolific achievements when leading some schools despite obstacles and meager resources, Yani even suggested that local universities devise a new subject named Inspirasi Pendidikan Indonesia (Indonesia's Educational Inspiration) so that students have ample opportunity to learn from the best practices described in this book.

Tatag, teteg, tutug

In his keynote speech, Yuhronur Efendi the regent of Lamongan pointed out that Khoirul Anam is indeed a man of value and of success whom everyone should identify as a role model. In addition to wisdom, Anam is considered to have demonstrated the Javanese philosophy of tatag, teteg, tutug

"I have known him personally that he is tatag as we understand it in Javanese," Efendi asserted.       

Khoirul Anam is said to be tatag as he is proven to welcome challenges and has the audacity to carry out the mandate of any leadership level he's assigned with unflinching confidence. His unfaltering energy and determination (teteg) has clearly taken him to where he is today. Teteg also refers to his strong commitment to excellence while being uneasily diverted from what's already planned or targeted. This is one of the reasons the book comes to be titled Everyday is Winning Experience

Yuhronur receives a copy the book from Khoirul Anam.

As for tutug, it indicates resilience that has kept Anam advance and avoid him from giving up. He is fully determined to complete any task with the best possible result without desperation to quit halfway. His genuine aspiration has been to excel not only in what he does but also in establishing an afterlife connection.    


Divine intervention and humility 

A recipient of the 2021 Inspiring School Principal award, Anam defines his success as merely God's grace and compassion. He is not interested in crediting his abilities or mere competence for the triumphant leadership when saying in the book, 

"This is all nothing but Allah's grace and generosity."   

This is what makes Khoirul Anam stand out from other teachers or fellow principals. Not only is he special due to a variety of prestigious awards but also his serious commitment to building students' character while nurturing humility in the process.

"That's what makes Mr. Anam unique that we decided to write about him in the first place," said Isnaini Khomarudin one of the writers present during the discussion.