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Ojo Cedak Kebo Gupak

MY WIFE AND I were a bit alarmed when Pak Rajin (not real name—literally means Mr. Diligent) hadn’t shown up for two weeks now. It is his habit to come over as other people in the neighborhood have relied on him too to clean up their garden. As for us, we sometimes asked him to buy flowers to replace the old ones. Now we’re wondering why the diligent man who speaks a little has seemed to disappear. We would like to assume he has returned home to his village since rice crop is progressing. It’s likely he is harvesting paddy in his own fields or his neighbors’.
When he finally showed up two weeks later, I immediately invited him to clean up our yard. Dried leaves and long lawn are everywhere.
“I haven’t seen you for a while now. Have you been home?” I asked.
He smiled and replied, “I was but jailed, sir.”
My wife and I were shocked. “Don’t be kidding! Why on earth were you jailed?”
He told us he was watching his neighbors gambling when policemen came to arrest him. He was alleged to join the…